Sizing Chart

Tips for getting the perfect fit.

Use a shoe horn the first few times you try on a shoe or boot as this allows the foot to slide into the shoe more easily and prevents the heel from catching.

Always try the shoe or boot on for the first time with a stocking, as this will prevent your skin from sticking to the leather and feeling tighter than it should.

Make sure you can wiggle your toes a little.

Your toes should not be hard against the end of the shoe, half the width of your thumb or 5 mm is usually enough room at the end, when standing.

There should be no numbness or sharp pain.

Some firmness across the width of the shoe is alright as the shoe will usually ease with the warmth of your feet and wear.

If you have narrow feet or heels and the shoe feels too big, you can ask for a complementary ½ insole which will be like making the shoe ¼ of a size smaller.

If you have any further queries on the fitting of shoes please give us a call and we are happy to help. We have the professional advice of a Podiatrist if you need any further consultation on fitting advice.